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i haven't been around in a long time. 1.5 years, i do believe it's been since my fingers chose to hit the keys in this particular box... but if i ever needed to step outside myself and into someone anonymous, now i need it more than ever. i've got too much pressure to be someone i'm not, and too much riding on being myself. there's no winner or loser because it's all the same at the end of the day. i become who i need to be or who i want to be, and the two are very different people. but who i want to be is already being met with resistance. a collection of people unsupporting of the process, worse, only because of what change it will mean in their lives. none concerned about mine. the change or stagnation, wearing down on me as a person. everyone is so narrow minded that they can't see if i'm forced to stay this way, the worst has yet to come. if they give me room to blossom, the best could be right around the corner. but i'm afraid i'll never know. cursed to live on the precipice of which direction. screaming at a voice inside my head because right now it's the only thing willing to listen to me. the only one i have to talk to. the only...

but this place still feels like home, even after all this time. still welcoming arms, and listening ears. a warm, cozy, feeling, like sitting in front of a fire place in the middle of winter. and if i ever needed to feel comfortable somewhere, it's now.

12:45 p.m. - 2016-02-19


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