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I haven't been around these parts very often. I haven't been around any of my blogs, actually. It's not for lack of things to talk about, or time, or even because I'm afraid of what might be said. I've just been devoting my time elsewhere.

I finally got my website up and running. This is a first for me, I've never been this *legit*. If that isn't cool enough (as far as my consistent procrastination goes), I finally made my novel available for purchase. It's only in PDF format because I don't have the money to get it printed. But, maybe if I manage to sell couple PDF copies, I can look into expanding. I've got three short story collections up for sale on the website too.

I don't think any of my work is going to sale, let's be honest. There's too much competition and I'm lousy with self-promotion. I'm one of those people who just goes "meh" about everything. Yesterday someone asked me if I was a writing and I just shrugged off the comment. I could have said "yes, and I have this novel up for sale on my website, you should definitely check it out". It sounds needy. I'm like Max from 2 Broke Girls. I can't bring myself to say "look at this product of mine". I'm happy to do exactly that for other people, but not myself.

The point wasn't to get sales. The point was to finally be able to say my novel was done. Not out loud because apparently my fear of rejection has me brainwashed to never talk about my accomplishments. But, I can at least say it to myself. I don't have to lay in bed going "you should really get that done" anymore. Instead, I can just go see it live and in action on the website. Yes, I do that occasionally to remind myself my hard work wasn't for nothing. Though since it's just sitting there with no love, it still feels like it might be.

Oh well. Step one is getting the product finished. Step two is getting it out there. Check and check. Step three is promoting, step four getting sales... I'm 2/4, that's still a pass. I'm good.

Oh, if you want to check the website out (because I have a lot of free writing up as well, and that I promote), it's

6:09 p.m. - 2016-05-04


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